Circa 19th.c Tibetan Mandala Painting.
This is a genuine painting used in Tibetan ceremonies as can be told by the handprint in blood on the back of the priest. It has five mandalas (top two, middle one, bottom two, bottom left). It is not a work of art but a ritual object. It was examined by Professor Davidson at UCLA who gave me the above information (though it is not in writing as I was not interested in selling it at the time - the 1970's). I am not sure of the exact iconography, but these scrolls were apparently used as aides in meditation. One meditated on the deities portrayed and "merged" with them to learn about aspects of oneself. The sexual imagery is typical of Tibetan religious art. The psychiatrist C.G. Jung wrote about mandalas from a Western point of view as found in the dreams of his patients and the imagery of Western religions and alchemy. Size: approximately 37" x 56" (It is almost 5 feet tall!). Condition: very good, especially considering the age. There is some wear and small holes in corner where hung. Please email us for details and/or other scans. This is a fine, traditional, ceremonial, unusual (with 5 mandalas), well-painted Tibetan painting in very good condition. detail 1, detail 2, detail 3, detail 4    Cost: $11,000